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Market Research

Ad-hoc research

Market research by Sequence is always tailored to answer our Clients needs. To achieve that goal a wide range of methodologies are used:
- quantitative (phone and internet surveys, interviews)
- qualitative (Individual Direct Interviews, Focus Group Interviews)
- other (mystery shopping, journal-based research)

With appropriate methodology applied, answers can be found in the area of...


What are the treatment schemes of physicians? What are the criteria for drug choice? How the doctors see the product? What should promotional materials include? What is the optimal price for the product?

among others:
SEGMENTER™, PACJENTER™, ECONOMEDICA™, product potential measurement, promotional material tests, product image research, pricing research

...Sales Force

How are sales representatives evaluated compared with the competitors? How successful their communication is? Are they satisfied and well-motivated?

among others:
Study on Pharmaceutical Business Sales Representatives - SPFF™, message recall, research on visit effects retention, research on promotional activity of the competitors


Is the drug well-positioned and exposed in pharmacies? What drugs are recommended by pharmacists and why? What is the effect of substitution?

among others:
research on pharmaceutical substitution level (mystery shopping), research on drug presence in pharmacies. research on pharmacists opinion
Syndicate research


Segmenter™ is the comprehensive picture describing physicians perception of the products from given therapeutically areas. The detailed picture of the market is created with use of questionnaires used on large sample group of physicians with appropriate specialty. The most important areas of research are: knowledge of brands, therapeutically habits related to drugs, perception and opinion of drugs, perception of marketing activities of the pharmaceutical business and perception of the business itself.

Segmenter™ is the tool of choice for:
preparation of marketing plans and strategies
entrance on new therapeutically areas
plan adjustments to the changing market
improvement of communication of marketing plan to the sales force
verification of marketing goals achievement

Until today, over 100 editions of Segmenter™ in different therapeutical areas were carried out.


Pacjenter™ is the research based on daily journals maintained by patients. Detailed data describe therapeutically schemes used by physicians, patient's profile, drug switching schemes. The gathered data source is multi-dimensional and can be analyzed in various ways in order to answer Client's questions and needs.

Data gathered with Pacjenter™ is a necessary help during preparation of any marketing plan.

Study on Pharmaceutical Business Sales Representatives - SPFF™

Cyclic study on medical sales representatives in Poland, covering diverse aspects of their professional life. This study makes the overall job motivation  and satisfaction comparison possible, as well as working conditions and duties of the representative.

The study is addressed to sales force managers. Results of the study are likely to give directions for important business decisions and provide support during diagnosis of potential problems related to sales force.


Economedica™ is unique project based on patient's data and physicians opinions, gathering detailed epidemiological, medical and expense-related data on prophylaxis and treatment of thrombosis in Poland.

Economedica™ answers needs from the market access and marketing areas through analysis of large data sources from both ambulatories and hospitals.

The project is being realized in cooperation with HTA Consulting, leader of medical technology advisory in Poland.

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