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Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

Sales Teams are one of the most  valuable assets of a pharmaceutical company, they are also one of the most cost-generating areas of the business. In face of today's difficult market condition, monitoring its activities and implementation of winning solutions resulting in higher effectiveness and increased team members motivation is essential.

Planning and Portfolio Optimization

Product life cycle, competition, changes in therapeutic schemes and a number of other factors result in future revenues of the company. Decisions on new products are to be taken years ahead of potential revenues, which may become the crucial factor for the survival of organization.

Data management, reporting and External Analytical Services

All companies aim to minimize the risk of incorrect business decisions gathering large data sources. The quality of data, costs related to gathering, storage and data utilization are often far from optimal, while lack of experience in data mining limits the potential of process optimization.

Transaction advisory

Sequence plays an active advisory role in consolidation processes on the Polish health care market. Our team combines transaction process expertise with sector-specific knowledge. This allows us to identify the potential and risks from contemplated transactions faster and more precisely than any generic advisory company. We work both with drug manufacturing and healthcare service providers' shareholders and managements and with leading private equity and venture capital funds.

Financial Effectiveness and Outsourcing

Changes in Company's structure, mergers and acquisitions, ongoing optimization process sometimes may cause temporary shortages within Managing Teams. However dynamics on the health care market turns companies extremely vulnerable during these shortage periods. During transition periods, Sequence offers the support of experienced consultants and managers.

Marketing Effectiveness

Technological progress and globalization makes almost any drug available for portfolio extension. Effective management of product's life cycle and achievement of stable high sales levels is the true challenge. Successful product positioning, choice of accurate marketing channels and optimized resource allocation are necessary to create a competitive advantage on the market.

Business Development

Increased competition on the healthcare market requires players to seek for increased profitability while maintaining fixed cost levels. One of the solutions is finding a business partner for outsourcing or insourcing products for promotion and sales.

Market Analysis

Each company willing to quickly react to changes monitors and analysis market events. Those internal analysis are often disturbed by limiting research to accustomed standards, to strong focus on own products and limiting the scope only to the area of company's operations, which may lead to incomplete or incorrect conclusions.

Interim management

Changes in Company's structure, mergers and acquisitions, on-going optimization process sometimes may cause temporary lack of Managing Team. However dynamics of changes on the health care market is to high to maintain staff shortages, During transition period, Sequence offers the support of experienced consultants and managers.

Pharmaceutical market forecasts

One of our main competences is preparation of customized, scenario forecasts of product or markets sales levels. Our forecasting team, lead by Anna Smaga, combines usage of modern forecasting tools and methodology with long experience and deep understanding of mechanisms driving the drug market in Poland. Forecasts encompass opinions of physicians and patients, industry and distribution activities, regulatory changes and payors decisions. In last 3 years our forecasting team prepared forecasts for over 150 therapeutic areas from different segments of the pharmaceutical market, including preparations to New Reimbursement Law introduction in 2012.

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