Sequence HC Partners

About us


The key advantage of Sequence

Sequence is driven by passion of understanding the healthcare market dynamics, its probable directions of evolution, what will be the future of present and future players and what makes them successful.

Our team consists of experienced physicians, economists and researchers. Partners and managers solely have combined 80+ years of healthcare sector experience. For many years we participated in the success of leading companies and institutions on the difficult and changing market.

Our advisory is well-established in the market context - in contrary to other advisory companies we specialize in the healthcare sector are understand the business mechanisms beyond pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers, pharmacies and wholesalers, hospitals (private and public), public payors. We understand and are able to describe the needs of patients.

The scope of our advisory services covers all main areas of operations of companies and institutions related to healthcare products and services - strategy building, product portfolio management and development, sales management, internal market data systems optimization and other.

We have a complete in-house research studio for both quantitative and qualitative market research. We solve the most complex problems, including those relating to highly specialized therapeutic areas.

We deliver regular market research reports (Segmenter™, Pacjenter™, Studium Przedstawicieli Firm Farmaceutycznych™), as well as projects tailored to answer specific needs of our Clients.

We have an opinion on market events and trends, we are able to forecast changes and their directions. We are able to clarify and explain the healthcare market in Poland.